Coins for Kids
Coin counting and sorting
Decorating shoeboxes for Christmas presents for children in need
Street children in South Africa are supported by the Bonnievale project in Luxembourg
Cheque presentation for two enlargement systems for visually impaired students in Luxembourg
Mr Groben (far right), director of the Institut pour Déficients Visuels, receives the cheque from Lions Club Erasmus members
Coins for Kids fundraising
Homemade baked cakes sold

We fund and support children in Luxembourg and abroad
through our Coins for Kids campaign.

With your help we can do more.


Photo: An example shoebox filled with small presents for a child in need

Every year, La Femme Contemporaine Asbl (LFC) ensures that children in need in Luxembourg are not left out when it comes to Christmas. Through various charities and social services, small presents are distributed to those who need them most.

Cutting and gluing

For the fourth year running, we have supported this action by collecting and decorating empty shoeboxes, provided by individuals or shoe shops who are more than happy to get rid of their waste cardboard. It takes about 20 minutes to decorate each one by hand – as well as nimble fingers to neatly cut, glue and wrap the festive paper. Once the boxes have had their make-over, they are filled by the LFC members with age-appropriate presents.

Appropriate presents

So what type of presents can a child expect to receive? The age range is approximately from 3 to 12. The presents are all brand new and the boxes contain at least one item from the following four categories: toys, educational, hygiene and clothing. Shockingly in a rich country, some children are so poor in Luxembourg they do not even have their own tooth brush or soap...

Donations to fill the shoeboxes

Over the years, the Lions Club Erasmus has also donated a total of 5,500 euros to help to buy the contents for the boxes produced.

For more information about the LFC, visit La Femme Contemporaine website

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