Funding your projects

Do you help children in Luxembourg or abroad?

Are you a children’s charity, organisation, home or NGO which is involved in helping children in some way? Do you have a project which requires funding or other support? If so, Lions Club Erasmus may be able to help depending on your needs, either financially or actual support, i.e. manpower for a project, activity or event.

What projects are funded or supported

Over the past 12 years, we have funded or supported a wide range of projects from reconstructing schools, water towers, wells, providing hospital equipment, play equipment to decorating shoeboxes for Christmas presents.

How to get funding or help

Firstly get in touch with us via our contact form and tell us a little about your organisation and proposed project. The club members will first discuss all project proposals. If chosen, you will then be invited to present the project and your organisation at one of our meetings. This gives us an opportunity to find out more, ask questions and meet you personally. Afterwards the club members will decide on the level of support it can commit to.