History of Coins for Kids


guywolfHow it all began

Just like the magic year 2000, we witnessed another historical moment with the arrival of the euro, adopted by most European Union countries as new and single currency.

Obsolete coins

Some of us stashed away the odd coin for showing our (grand)children some day. But did we really want to keep all of those coins left over from vacations, cluttering up purses, wallets and a variety of other containers? Many of these coins became obsolete on 1 January 2002.

Hidden treasure

It was this that sparked off the idea of putting these (foreign and Luxembourgish) coins we had in our pockets or in some old drawer to good use and save them from becoming mere relics of the past.

Lions Club Luxembourg Erasmus used this memorable event in European history to launch what it hoped would become a continuing success: a large-scale collecting of coins as part of its Coins for Kids project.

Childrens’ organisations benefit from donations

The purpose of Coins for Kids is to donate the entire proceeds to well-chosen national and international charity organisations whose projects aim to help needy children.

Collection tins

In many places throughout the country, Coins for Kids tins have been prominently placed in shops and business for visitors to donate coins. Why not support children in need and provide tins for your organisation, business, shop or family? Visit our contact page!

Schools participated in campaign

In addition to the collection boxes, Lions Club Luxembourg Erasmus organised a nationwide contest for schools. The schools that collected the greatest weight in coins per pupil won valuable prizes. 70,000 euros were collected and donated to childrens’ projects.

Many helped make the Coins for Kids project a huge success. On behalf of all the kids who benefited and will benefit from this project: thank you for your coins!

We are still collecting

Coins for Kids ‘euro’ tins are still scattered across the country but are now for small (or big!) euro coins.

To date, over 138,000 euros have been collected and donations made to children’s organisations in Luxembourg and abroad. If you would like a collection tin, send us an email at