Our projects

Who we support

We have supported children locally in Luxembourg and abroad since the year 2003, through a wide spectrum of projects both in Luxembourg and abroad. The support is usually financial, for practical, tangible projects or by giving our time.

How we ensure funding is used correctly

Our financial support goes to recognised, well-established charities, organisations and NGOs. The projects chosen are usually for something ‘physical’, e.g. school classrooms, wells, equipment, etc. Representatives of the organisations are in the field, so we ask for news, photos and make checks.

A representative has to visit the club before we decide if we will fund and to what extent. We do not fund salaries as this is more difficult to control. We feel we can have more impact for a specific project if we provide material needs, as salaries are usually covered by other funding, e.g state subsidiies.

How we fund

Projects are funded through our fundraising campaign, Coins for Kids. We have also been supported by companies in Luxembourg by some financial sponsorship or practical help.

Projects supported

Here is a list of some projects supported over the past few years.

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